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About Dr. Nittoli


I earned my Masters degree in Social Work from the University at Buffalo in 1986, and my career as a NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker has spanned four decades.  During the last 34 years I have worked in a variety of clinical and school based settings providing mental health services to adults, children and families.  I earned my doctorate in Counseling and Human Development from the University of Rochester in 2016.  


I have been an adjunct professor in the counseling department at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education, as well as an adjunct professor of social work at Nazareth College and SUNY Brockport.  I have also functioned as a clinical training supervisor for master’s level social work and counseling students.  


Presently I have a special interest in understanding how the stress of everyday life can contribute to chronic pain.  I have studied Howard Schubiner M.D.’s work on mind/body syndrome (MBS), and Allan Abbass, M.D.’s work on Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy (ISTDP).  In addition, I am very committed to providing therapy in a manner that is culturally sensitive. 


Ed.D., Counseling and Human Development (2016)

University of Rochester


Masters of Social Work (1986)

University at Buffalo


B.A., Psychology (1984)

University at Buffalo



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